UPDATE: 79 positive bills have become law

Texas’ 2019 legislative session ended in late May, at which point the Governor had hundreds of bills on his desk to review.  Over these last 20 days, he has either signed bills into law, let them pass into law without his signature, or vetoed them.

It’s a lot to keep track of—which is why TCJC has updated our end-of-session blog post to show you which bills passed and which were vetoed.  Take a look!

We are thrilled that 79 of the 85 bills mentioned in that blog post have become law!

BUT: We know that Texas still has far to go to safely shrink the youth and adult justice systems, freeing resources to more effectively meet the need for treatment and rehabilitative services in the community.  Furthermore, we must continue to fight to reduce inequity and racial disparities and provide help for people seeking to overcome past justice system involvement.

In TCJC’s vision, all Texans live in safe, thriving communities where incarceration is rare and every person has the opportunity to succeed. We and our partners will continue to march towards that vision in advance of Texas’ next legislative session in 2021.


Stay tuned – and stay involved in the fight!

Later this summer, TCJC plans to release a guide to the youth and adult justice legislation that passed into law. 

In the meantime, we’re hard at work fighting for our shared vision across this state.  If you’d like to support our work over this interim, click the button to donate now! 

We are excited to continue the fight to reduce mass incarceration and foster safer Texas communities, and we THANK YOU for joining us!


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